Tuesday, November 01, 2005

ALCOHOL makes an ideal substitute for happiness.

Yes, once again I am struggling amidst the strangle hold of yet another Monday morning, although it's worthy of noting I am actually feeling pretty good today- the urge to kill has subsided due to the pleasant weekend just gone.

Firstly, with the season of autumn well and truly underway, it was time for my quarterly haircut. After my last two pleasurable experiences at the hands of those kind ladies at Voodoo, I once again ponced it up. This time however it appears I have become a little savvier regarding the process; I actually found myself relaxed when the young female assistant washed my hair rather than my usual freak out. Also after learning from many different sources that the drinks they offer are actually free, I immediately replied in the affirmative when asked if I would like a beer. I still felt like a fish out of water there (or a robot by the river) but enjoying a wee continental lager whilst making small talk with the hairdresser made it allll riiggght.

Saturday evening as is traditional around Halloween I went along with the posse to see Tim Burton's 'Corpse Bride' at the Fact. Erm it was okay, but it's always good to go see a flick at the Fact- they let you bring your pint into the theatre! I'm not some sort of beer dependant booze hound, however a good ale will make pretty much anything allll riiggght.

Sunday, Lisa and I enjoyed a walk down to Allerton for a cheeky pint at Penny lane Wine Bar after hiring a few 'scary' films. We also cooked Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings with the new oven. It was a beaut!

Lisa and I also made the Halloween Lantern as shown above, for the ambience whilst we watched 'The Grudge'. Granted Lisa did most of the work: purchasing it, hollowing it out, cutting out the face, whilst I continued my rigorous ISS Pro Evolution 5 training whilst enjoying a drink- oh and I lit the candle and took the photo! The Grudge was a good film, although it was yet another remake of a Japanese horror, which whilst I can safely say I haven't seen- I'm quite sure would be better- as these things usually are. Anyway, I wasn't really scared whilst watching it, even with the spooky latern, as alas; I was stuffed from eating our mighty roast. Lisa on the other hand cowered behind her hands and shrieked like a sheik throughout.

I was also the crazy, topsy-turvey time of year, when like the simple dimwits we Brits are; we turn the clocks back an hour. Okay I appreciate that “during the war..” and all that it was an necessity, but come one! I’m now not going to see any sunlight when I leave work until March….thanks. I have no window in this crappy office, which make things bad enough, and I now think I’m developing Ricketts. This time of year does always bring to mind a sort of tradition that used to take place when a ole’ friend from school; Nicola would invite us to her birthday bash in Manchester. They were usually dreary affairs whereupon I would get drunk too fast, then from 2am wait for people to go so I could crash out on the sofa. After the last shindig and the infamous Oven Cleaner Cocktail incident, to which I’m sure I’ve done irreparable damage to my liver and stomach; we were strangely never invited back. Ah those were the days- bringing a 24 pack of Skol and just helping myself to anyone’s Stella which, aside from the Oven cleaner made everything allll riiggght.

Anyhow, the Sefton Park Lantern parade beckons tonight which ought to be fun.

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