Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Yes I am truly a stoopid git.I have just spent the best part of an hour attempting to attach some kind of witty picture to this ever so sparse blog only to find a) it is extremley simple and b) I don't have any pictures saved on this computer-well any pictures that I can post! By this I don't mean anything rude, like oooh naughty me I have filthy pictures that would shock even my girlfriend's mother-I mean at present I just have very drab photos saved on this computer used for incredibly dull presentations that I am required to edit. Yes my job IS that dull.

No doubt no one will read this as I haven't told any one that I have set a blog space up- should you have stumbled across this page by chance "welcome! and hello blah blah blah" please pop by in a few weeks to see if I have in fact bothered to write anything further, or if in fact I have forgotten that I've signed up for this crap.

I'm sure that I will have this space filled with high brow musings and useful facts to keep you blog losers happy- but until then this is about as much as I can muster from my work space.

Anyhoo, this is Captain matt from the good ship I'm bored sensless signing out


1st message- bound to screw it up!