Friday, December 09, 2005

sympathy for the breville.

Well another week ‘flies’ past. It’s friggin’ Friday at last. My head hurts, my throat is killing me and I’m bleedin’ hungry. Not good. No point in going on about it as I never get any sympathy from Lisa, I could have my head severed and she would still say that men exaggerate their illness. This, I believe, is one of the biggest fallacies in our society, I mean do you ever hear me moan when I’m on my period?

Been trĂªs busy finishing off the Tshirt three designs as the deadline was yesterday (see new design to the left). I thought my whole god damned head was going to explode. I did it though, however I received an email this morning saying that the deadline had been extended until 31st December! Bugger.

This weekend is mostly going to be spend doing nothing, except organising the above advertised party, although I still haven’t bought a single Christmas pressie and it is getting nigh that I started to at the very least contemplate wait I’m actually going to get people.
I’m going home now to have my regular and blissful kip on the train. Twice this week some do-gooders have woken me up, worried that I may have slept past my stop. In these circumstances I refrained from my usual self defence mechanism of sarcasm and spite as their intentions were good- just it better not happen again tonight!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pizza Lust

At last a little bit of quiet time here at work to update this rather ill kempt blog.
Once again, many things of worth occurred at the weekend, most significantly it was Eve-e-o’s birthday celebration on the Friday night. We ventured forth into the realms of the unknown by attending an ‘indie night’ and Liverpool’s Masque. It was good, and at £1.30 a pint and £1 shots it was pretty darned inexpensive too. Not having attended this form of night out in a while, I was a little surprised that the usual indie classics weren’t played….what? no Nivana? Of course music has changed. It seems that the Strokes have a lot to answer for a the current crop of downstroke-Newyork-esque-punk-disco bands that seem to be enchanting the NME crowd; and the amount of bands donning that image is getting ludicrous too and no doubt something will change this-I hope.

Also another oddity was having a total stranger talk to me about life and music. His opener was “do you like Rory Gallagher?” as he believed I looked like him?! As this was an utterly surreal experience, I wasn’t exactly my usual effervescent self but this young Irish buck continued unabated saying he liked my image (what?!) and asking what music I liked. Without wanting to engage him in conversation too much I struggled to answer just stating I liked Dino jr and Smog. His response was –and this is the God’s honest truth; “wow, Dinosaur Jr?- they’re ‘proper’ underground indie aren’t they” Unsurprisingly he said he was in a “cool band” and said they were playing soon. I feigned interest and said I had to go. Predictively; everyone said I was being chatted up, much to their amusement, and as flattering as this sounded, it wasn’t like that-but it was odd conversation and weirded me out for a bit. I also spat my dummy out on the way home ‘cause I wanted a Pizza and acted like a tit. (cringe)

I’ve also been quite busy trying to come up with a design of a Nationwide competition for a T Shirt design, working under the brief of “Birds in the City”. Having designed several T-shirts for Cranebuilders I figured I could have a stab at it. Thus far, it’s proving harder than I thought, but the designs above are work in progress. I have pinched some of these designs from my aborted ‘Lanterns’ poster- which although it is not cheating as it’s my design anyway, but has made me feel a little cheap (no pun intended).

Xmo update: Lisa and I have also put up the Xmo Deco’s, and it is as gloriously tacky as I had wished for!
Anyway, as I’ve promised myself to keeps these blogs short, so I won’t mention the last two episodes of Arrested Development on Sunday, Medium and Ghost Squad last night, the fact that I spent nearly half an hour reading out ridiculous names from the Liverpool Echo’s Beautiful Baby contest (2,000 pictures of kids from 6 moths to 36 months old)- I’ll reel of a list for tomorrow- hilarious and worrying at the same time!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

why not Malcolm or Doris?

"I'm a monster!!!!!!!"

Ah Thursday- my favourite week day. The penultimate day of my working week, I can sit behind this desk shaped prison pondering upon last nights episode of ‘Lost’. Despite it being a great episode, and finally an insight into Hurley’s past a few things bothered me;

Firstly- there was a terrible conversation between Hurley and his mother when he was on route to surprise her with a new house. He said that she deserved something good to happen, then proceeded to list the terrible mishaps that befound (is that a word?) his nearest and dearest, clearly a lousy way of explaining to the audience just how many bizarre things that have occured without the producers being forced to film it. It annoyed me as it cheapened his ‘flashback’ sequence. These are usually the best bits for me as I like a good story, hence why The Godfather II is better than Godfather I, and why I love Quentin Tarrantino and Robert Rodrigez’s work. Also for second to none flashbacks check out ‘The Adventures of Baron Munchousen” which is a fine, fine film.

Secondly, and more infuriatingly we were forced to endure the world’s worst Australian accent when Hurley flies out to Australia in an attempt to find out the meaning of that spooky number sequence. It was closer to Dick Van Dyke’s Cockney accent in Mary Poppins than to an Australian accent.

I still think the show is bloomin’ great none the less. I do like to point out the many failures in the show’s continuity but I feel that I should stop being a pedant and let it go, however these two errors annoyed me/made me laugh in contempt.

Speaking of contempt, I actually saw a guy on the train reading a Daily Mail, tutting and shaking his head as he read. I found it hard to stop myself from mocking him, but the usual fear of being a crass buffoon and not wanting to hurt his feelings stopped me.

Anyhow, I figured that after yesterday’s fun listing *sigh* the “soundtrack of our lives” (Damn you Whiley) I should really do a more honest listing of things that are getting on my tits, and perhaps I should update this yearly. So without further ado, please find below my top 20 vexes of 2005. (It was origionally aonly a top ten but I got carried away)

James Blunt- ‘nuff said

People who have E4 or Sky and think they are way superior to the likes of me by saying they watched ‘Lost’ last Sunday. So what? You still have a week to wait between each episode, it’s just that you watch it on a Sunday- so what would you have to look forward to on a Wednesday night?

Mersey Rail. Please check most of my other entries for a detailed description of why they must be destroyed.

Harry Bleedin’ Potter. Okay, if you’ve got kids or are a kid, then great read and watch away (sorry Mum) but if you’re an adult, what are you buying the friggin’ book for? An why oh why do you have to read it on the train? I saw this in the summer when the newest book came out and proving my point a woman (sorry to say it usually is the ladies) sat opposite was moving her lips whilst she read, and used a train ticket to show what line she was one….AGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! People are always responding that “at least people are reading now” – this is not true. It’s like a Drug addict drinking excessive quantities of neat vodka and people saying “at least he’s not taking drugs” . Nonsense. Get a life and read/watch a proper book/film.

Despite the latest edition of the Starwars films being really good (except the “nooooooooo!” part at the end) why are oober geeks continuing to rant and rave about how poor the newer-pre-equals were. Simple answer- you’re none 8 anymore- get over it…I did (eventually)

Crap Graphitti. For the love of God which can’t these little asbo brats getting some imagination? A rude drawing, or even just a drawing of anything would be better than the current crop of ‘hayley luvs Jason’ type markings that haunt my local bus stops. I don’t actually mind graphitti, I just wish it was a little more original.

The continuation of kids being given crap-made up names by their’ “I wanted to call my child something different” parents. The problem is that they’re not original. I don’t want to provide any examples in case I insult any of my friends and dare I say it family- but if you want to call them something different why not Malcolm or Doris? I don’t hear of any kinds being called that anymore.

Ah the old faithful- people who don’t say please or thank you when you hold a door open for them, let their car pass etc.

People who wear sunglasses when it’s not sunny and/or people who wear scarves with T shirts, especially those who wear them indoors, cretins.

High Heeled shoes that make that awful clacking noise on the pavement.

Sven Goran Eriksson’s selection policy.

Disney’s Winnie the Pooh. What is the attraction is this sickly sweet drawings being plastered on everything? Have any of these people ever read the books or are even aware of E.H. Shepard’s original drawings? Whilst on the subject, why has Winnie the Pooh got an American accent? In this city is bad enough that girls go to the shops in their PJs, but 8 times out of ten it will be a Winnie the Pooh pyjamas

That Disneyland Paris Advert …”It’s Magical…” When the Dad whispers to his wife that hilariously he couldn’t sleep either due to the excitement , and their annoying spawn says “we heard that”, would you not be worried that your children could possibly hear everything that goes on in that room. Sod the holiday mate, pay for some soundproofing in your bedroom.

Houses that put up their Xmo decorations in September!!!!!

“at the end of the day” ….aggggg! Thankfully this annoying phrase was so overused during the last BB series I have noticed its use on the wain, but at the end of the day it’s just tomorrow.

16. My eternally crap hair.

Idiots who start a sentence “I’m not being racist but…” –Yes you are, just because you say that doesn’t disclaim you from the remarks you are about to utter.

The word “MOREISH” – my alternative for this word; “Addictish” has failed to set the world alight

Middle Lane Drivers. Wake up call – if your not over taking anything move into the inside lane. People who continue to drive on the outside lane are just as bad. Hang your heads in shame.

The killing of Jim Fenner in Badgirls…why?! Best TV Bastard ever.

The TV reception in our flat is appalling. The stress of sitting down to watch something and having to manoeuvre our Judderal Bank style antenna is getting too much for me.