Friday, December 09, 2005

sympathy for the breville.

Well another week ‘flies’ past. It’s friggin’ Friday at last. My head hurts, my throat is killing me and I’m bleedin’ hungry. Not good. No point in going on about it as I never get any sympathy from Lisa, I could have my head severed and she would still say that men exaggerate their illness. This, I believe, is one of the biggest fallacies in our society, I mean do you ever hear me moan when I’m on my period?

Been três busy finishing off the Tshirt three designs as the deadline was yesterday (see new design to the left). I thought my whole god damned head was going to explode. I did it though, however I received an email this morning saying that the deadline had been extended until 31st December! Bugger.

This weekend is mostly going to be spend doing nothing, except organising the above advertised party, although I still haven’t bought a single Christmas pressie and it is getting nigh that I started to at the very least contemplate wait I’m actually going to get people.
I’m going home now to have my regular and blissful kip on the train. Twice this week some do-gooders have woken me up, worried that I may have slept past my stop. In these circumstances I refrained from my usual self defence mechanism of sarcasm and spite as their intentions were good- just it better not happen again tonight!


Jo said...

Just sending out a Merry Christmas to all my blog friends.


Merry Christmas

Blogster said...

Nice job ##NAME##. I'm usually lurking rather than commenting, but I liked what your comments on ##TITLE## so I thought I would stop in and say so. I was really looking for stuff related to Yorkshire Terrier but my search on Google landed me on your blog. Close enough for me! I like your perspective. Certainly food for thought! Can't say you've completely won me over, but at least you've managed to pry my mind open a fraction more! Thanks again...