Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pizza Lust

At last a little bit of quiet time here at work to update this rather ill kempt blog.
Once again, many things of worth occurred at the weekend, most significantly it was Eve-e-o’s birthday celebration on the Friday night. We ventured forth into the realms of the unknown by attending an ‘indie night’ and Liverpool’s Masque. It was good, and at £1.30 a pint and £1 shots it was pretty darned inexpensive too. Not having attended this form of night out in a while, I was a little surprised that the usual indie classics weren’t played….what? no Nivana? Of course music has changed. It seems that the Strokes have a lot to answer for a the current crop of downstroke-Newyork-esque-punk-disco bands that seem to be enchanting the NME crowd; and the amount of bands donning that image is getting ludicrous too and no doubt something will change this-I hope.

Also another oddity was having a total stranger talk to me about life and music. His opener was “do you like Rory Gallagher?” as he believed I looked like him?! As this was an utterly surreal experience, I wasn’t exactly my usual effervescent self but this young Irish buck continued unabated saying he liked my image (what?!) and asking what music I liked. Without wanting to engage him in conversation too much I struggled to answer just stating I liked Dino jr and Smog. His response was –and this is the God’s honest truth; “wow, Dinosaur Jr?- they’re ‘proper’ underground indie aren’t they” Unsurprisingly he said he was in a “cool band” and said they were playing soon. I feigned interest and said I had to go. Predictively; everyone said I was being chatted up, much to their amusement, and as flattering as this sounded, it wasn’t like that-but it was odd conversation and weirded me out for a bit. I also spat my dummy out on the way home ‘cause I wanted a Pizza and acted like a tit. (cringe)

I’ve also been quite busy trying to come up with a design of a Nationwide competition for a T Shirt design, working under the brief of “Birds in the City”. Having designed several T-shirts for Cranebuilders I figured I could have a stab at it. Thus far, it’s proving harder than I thought, but the designs above are work in progress. I have pinched some of these designs from my aborted ‘Lanterns’ poster- which although it is not cheating as it’s my design anyway, but has made me feel a little cheap (no pun intended).

Xmo update: Lisa and I have also put up the Xmo Deco’s, and it is as gloriously tacky as I had wished for!
Anyway, as I’ve promised myself to keeps these blogs short, so I won’t mention the last two episodes of Arrested Development on Sunday, Medium and Ghost Squad last night, the fact that I spent nearly half an hour reading out ridiculous names from the Liverpool Echo’s Beautiful Baby contest (2,000 pictures of kids from 6 moths to 36 months old)- I’ll reel of a list for tomorrow- hilarious and worrying at the same time!

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