Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Carwash HUNT

Nearly seven full weeks without so much of a sniff at the internet, I have returned, alas, to work today only to find it dull and the same. Was it always like this? Why have I of late, dedicated far too much of my time to the trawling through its depths hoping to find a cure for paperclips or an antidote to snooker repellent or a decent MP3 recording of "Ooops I did it again" by Richard Thompson. During my blog hiatus, in which time I had paced the corridors of the intensive care unit, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, and tried keep my mum's spirits' up, it appears; that not a lot has happened.

Only 102 unread messages on my work's email were awaiting me this morning. Most of my colleagues get more than that in a week.

Of the 102 unread emails, none (as i had imagined) were Xmo or New Year's best wishes from friends who hail from further a field and who would have been unaware on my recent woes. Neither was there any messages from disgruntled associates and confidants wishing to show their contempt towards me as they did not receive their annual Mestiv Fexmo message from yours truly, a veritable Yule Tide Treat for one and all.

On a plus note however, I must give a great big fat greasy thanks to the kind folks at 100 T Shits, especially Miss Bob Blackwell, as despite working fairly hard-ish to design some T Shirts for their aforementioned T Shirt contest, I was unable to send off my final designs. However, despite them not getting any replies from their numerous emails they submitted my designs anyway, and converted the designs into the correct format for me from the erroneous ones I had previous emailed over. Thanks to their fortitude and helpfulness two of my designs were selected...woot! Alas, this didn't come without its cost. For some reason they thought the 'fing design' looked better the wrong way around! Sigh.

(http://www.p-ornithology.com/) -

Okay, because of the family emergency and all that, there was little to be cheerful about, however, the following is a brief list of things that have been good, when everything else has been crapolla:

Arrested Development (season 1 Box Set)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (season 2)
My new webdomain (www.robotbytheriver.co.uk) -cheers bro.
Seeing a yellow car and having carte blanche to hit whomever you are sitting near.
'Spiderland'- by Slint
oh and friends/family/loveones etc.
'crazzzzeeeee' That Niles Barclay song (man I love that)
Money Pit (Tom Hanks we hardly knew ye)
Women -By Charles Buchowski

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