Tuesday, November 29, 2005

HA HA! I'm the magician and he's the assistant!

It's funny really, that the last weekend was most enjoyable and yet I was in no particular rush to write down and share with the world my thoughts on it. Yet today, the red mist came back and I was once again stuck in Call Centre hell and I foind myself at the beginning of yet another Matt vs World style rant. From my post on the 15th November last- you could tell that I was impressed that someone at the Halifax had managed to resolve my “little problem”. I neglected to mention there, that I had also paid my late Credit Card bill and set up a standing order. Alas, despite apologising to me and making me feel so soothed that it almost felt as if K.T. Turnstall had popped around to the flat to sing a couple of her bittersweet ballads whilst enjoying those oaty choc biscuits I discovered last week (don’t ask- a long story- “find a happy song”), she had failed to process this payment. Aggg.

So I suffered the humiliation of the Credit Card Company calling me at work to say that I was in arrears, taking a sardonic and smarmy tone that I resented with immediate effect. Of course I protested my innocence and explained that the funds should have arrived and upon calling my bank to rectify this, I was told that no such payment had been made- I was apologised to in a nice way-but it wasn’t the same.

Anyway, I had to call the credit card company back to pay, only to be put through to Capital One new Deli Branch where upon I was told that I couldn’t pay as I didn’t have my Capital One card to hand “But I’m returning your call! Damn it!” I did, I’m afraid to say, lose my rag with the poor chap who was unlucky enough to answer my call.

Anyway, the weekend was cool and Mr. Scruff was much more enjoyable than I thought. Granted I would have rather gone to see Wolf Parade with Dead meadow in Manchester on the Saturday instead, however a severe lack of funds prevented this.

Sadly though, (well I don’t think it’s sad) but my soon-to-be-axed favourite TV show; Arrested Development returned after a week’s absence on Sunday night with a double helping to provide the weekend’s highlight. I hadn’t genuinely laughed out loud with such verousity for an age. The mere memory of Tobias rendering himself unconscious whilst attempting a Mary Poppins umbrella parachute manoeuvre/Gob’s (pronounced Jobe much to my embarrassment when I spotted the correct spelling in a TV guide and excitedly told Lisa I had spotted a typo) offensive-Jive talking puppet is still making me chuckle as I write this.

Even now it has soothed my woes.

He he.

“Suddenly I see…”

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