Friday, November 25, 2005

we love Norway too!

Long time no see.

A whole God damned week since this ramshackle and ill kempt Blog was updated, but what a week it was:

I’ll start with last Thursday night, where Lisa and I popped along to see The Chalets at the Barfly here in Liverpool. It was a particularly odd occasion as neither of us had heard anything by them and would normally have no interest of watching, however Lisa received a mysterious voicemail message on the Tuesday, informing here that she had won tickets to go and see them courtesy of the Liverpool Echo. Woot! Alas Lisa had not entered this competition. Upon investigation it was discovered that it was some mistake however the prize still was there should she want it.

Being the miserable git that I am I had little to no interest in attending this, especially after looking up the details of the show via the internet and learning that there was two local support band also. Despite claims that I love undiscovered music and having being put in the position of a generic local support band on many, many occasions, I have, in all honesty; seen way too many. Especially when I read upon one of the two band’s -We See Foxes’s website that they’re influenced by The Doors and the Verve. This is usually a clear indication that I won’t like them, as you seriously wouldn’t believe how many bands of poor caliber also claim these bands to be influences. Anyhow, to cut this tediously long winded reportage down; we went, much to my discontent.

When we arrived my headache from that night’s rehearsal was still thumping and the rather large black cloud which had loomed over my head for most of the evening, was very much still there. I was ‘effing freezing too. After getting a drink the second of the two support bands took the stage; Mustard Club, and within a few sweet minutes my mood had drastically improved and I my face muscles hurt as I couldn’t prevent myself from smiling like a goon. At that specific time and at that exact place it was exactly what I needed and their sweet harmonies washed over me like a cool shower on a hot day. I tried to evaluate what exactly it was that appealed to me, as on the surface they wouldn’t look or even sound like someone I would enjoy. They looked a little daft, the bass player resembled Mick Ronson, the drummer had the worst paisley shirt ever and had a Madonna-like headpiece/microphone, the lyrics weren’t great and the singer kinda’ resembled Ian Curtis. They also tried to get the lack luster crowd to clap as if they were playing Wembley, and they did a cover of ‘Go Your Own Way’ by Fleetwood Mac, played with zero irony. But it was really good. The melodies were great, the songs were good, the singer’s vocals were really beautiful and they all looked like they were having the time of their life. Imagine a Teengae Fanclub type vibe whereupon you can’t help yourself swaying from side to side with a sloppy grin.
I have since checked out their qwebsite only to unsure of my mental state at the time-but I shall endeavour to keep my ear to the ground as when they did play the aforementioned Lyndsey Buckingham song, I genuinely had a lump in my throat (“you can go your own way-e-ay”). Chuffin’ marvelous!!!!! (Spod note: there is also a punk version of the song played on ‘Clerks’ which I shall now spend the rest of the day trying to find via the internet) Anyway, the Chalets were okay, a little too cutesy-poo for me, somewhere between Bucks Fizz and the B52s and plus that had to follow Mustard Club! Highlight of their set was an member of the crowd shouting “I love Norway” and one of the two vocalists replying with such sincerity with her lovely Southern Irish accent “ahhhh, we love Norway too!”. We then went home satisfied and watched the disappointing first episode of the new Russ Abbott, sorry the Little Britain series. A much better review can be found (with pics) here

Friday, not a great deal of excitement except 8pm Channel 4 “Ray the next time someone asks you if you’re a God you say YES!” …yes bleedin’ Ghostbusters was on! Yeah!

Saturday, I continue the posting of Council letters I started on Friday night (see above photo I took with my phone-who'd of thought Bootle on a Fri night would look so serene? ) and managed to get them done in time to get home, get showered and charged, suited and booted to frequent Jocasta’s gaff for her 30th. Yes sir, I wore my best suit and only shoes having since recovered them from the clutches of Arnold Clarke. T’was a grand night though. A quick drink and present exchange and we shot off to The Monro
in town for our evening of seclusion and posh fodder. There was I think , about eighteen of us and I’d say that pretty much everyone there left there satisfied with their quail/pheasant/steak/tuna/ etc. Worth noting though if you have the fear of mayo as I do, don’t go for the quail starter ( I had to ask for a separate plate to fish off the meat which wasn’t touching the dressing-what a coward). Everyone, or nearly everyone was dressed to impress. Steve wore a suite and a tie! A shiny white tie that drew everyone’s eye away from his un-ironed shirt. Anyway, a rather splendid night was had by all, after the Tea Factory and the customary drink back at someone’s gaff it was home and bed for about 3am.

Sunday was bloody cold and I watched TV all day nearly lost the tip of one of my fingers trying to clean a CD- long a silly story I shan’t bother you with.

Monday- crappola! Work-dull Rehearsal –okay.

Tues- Drive to Leeds to play in front of 500 people (or maybe more) at the Leeds University supporting the rather excellent and thoroughly nice guys Elbow. It was proper good. The nicest crew ever, great crowd, played well, and Elbow rocked the joint,. Ahhhh all that hard work finally paid off for us. Met Mr. Vollar (and his mum who was going to see Elbow anyway) too which is always a joy (please check his band’s- the excellent The Lanterns site: I snuck him backstage so we could watch the gig from a bird’s eye prime position. In my opinion all gigs should be viewed like this!

Wed- After getting to bed at 2.30am I wasn’t exactly full of the joys of Spring. Eventually tore myself away from the bed and drove the van back , then off to work. I was over an hour late and I left a 3pm too as I felt like death. It was also Jk and JK’s birthday (Kane and Jelly) and Lisa, rather foolishly entrusted me to acquire their card as she had chosen their presents. Put it this way, I don’t think she will again. Mistakenly thinking they would find it funny now, I got two similar cards, both with picture of snarling dogs on the front and similar quotes on each both making reference to the dogs biting someone. Unfortunately, Jk and JK had a dog recently- a staff terrier they saved from the RSPCA who after nursing it back to health over several month devoured another dog whilst they took it for its first trip to the park –whilst they had it on its lead!. They no longer have this pooch. So the cards were in poor taste and despite Lisa trying to disclaim it saying I’m just stoopid (which of course I must be) they tried very hard to see the funny side- but inevitably they didn’t and their looks was a mix of embarrassment and upset. Yes, I am an insensitive jerk.
Today- well life couldn’t be better. The office resemble s the Marie Celeste and I have time to write this. Tomorrow Mr. Scruff and the continuing CPO debacle at work!


McParty said...

w00t - Another Planes Trains Automobiles quote you insensitive jerk... heh heh!

/me reaches for the VCR.

Matt said...

Not quite-but well spotted.
The P,T & A quote was actually:

Neil: "If I wanted a joke I would'a followed you into the John and watch you take a leak, now are you going to stand there like a slab of meat with mittens or are you going to get me a cab?"

Taxi Guy Puches him and Neil falls to the ground as a car screeches to a halt just missing his head. Del gets out of the car.

Taxi guy: "Hey, get this car out of here!!"

Del: "You insensitive asshole- can you not see that there is a man injured here. Now I'll move my car but I want you to help him up"

Neil: "Nooooo...."

Taxi Guy: "With pleasure..."

That's when he grabs him by the testicles.