Thursday, November 17, 2005

On Echo Beach….

Being someone who takes particular umbrage with people whom are short or snappy with me for no reason, my mood today is nose-diving drastically.

This is a real shame especially if you consider that I arrived at the office in a fine mood., mostly due the improv comedy routine provided by the Mersey Rail conductor over the tannoy system on route to work this morning. Yet now I sit once again, stooped over this damned computer with a sharp pain in my head caused directly from the frequent rolling of my eyes.

It does appear that amongst all the other lowly and menial jobs I reluctantly do, I am now, much to my displeasure; the photocopier Tsar. Despite nearly everyone in the office having a Masters or at the very least a degree of some sort, no one can understand how it works, and the moment anything puzzles them with it I am summoned forthwith.

Anyway, the mere thought of describing yet another crappy day is making me feel worse.

I didn’t always used to be like this you know.

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