Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wouse of Hax

I shall for once, actually keep this posting relatively short as:

a) I'm not in a bad mood.

b) Mersey Rail haven't got my blood boiling (despite there not being enough space on this morning's train to breathe out!)

c) I did not feel incensed by the televisual bilge last night.

d) Work is okay(ish)

These four points are the cornerstone's of my rage, which of course is the fuel for this here Blog.

I could go into a long an arduous rant about the Sefton Park Lantern Parade last night, however it did little to inspire me. I could also go into details about the film both Lisa and I watched last night- 'House of Wax' but the faults in this film are far too apparent and I needn't go into too much detail. Basically it isn't very good, but if is worth watching if, like me; you would enjoy the prospect of seeing Paris Hilton meeting a gruesome and bloody death. To avoid any disappointment this happens about an hour into the film. Sorry if this spoils any of the tension thus ruining any enjoyment you may get from the film (if indeed you are a simpleton) but do yourself a favour; don't watch it.

I have exhaustively tried to find a picture of Paris's death on the internet but to no avail, I then drew a ‘artist’s impression of the event however, the use of the office’s scanner was beyond my limitations so you’ll have to use your imagination. Searching the internet for such pictures meant I reluctantly spent most of my lunch looking at pictures of Paris ‘Bleedin’ Hilton which has left me feeling nauseous

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