Friday, November 04, 2005

Godspeed Bony Squirrel!

Aside from the disturbing discovery last night that I have a boil/spot on my ass, which when I attempted to squeeze it whilst showering left my in the worst pain imaginable (thankfully the pain has since subsided) life is good.

We rehearse tonight for Friday's gig which will be the first time we've played together since our London gig two weeks ago. I can imagine it being a tad stressful and we'll be terribly rusty, but the gig itself should be fun and has been well publicised It'll be is the last gig we have booked before the Elbow support slot on 22nd November. We've also got another stint in the studio to carry on the recording process which we started in September, which as you'd imagine has got me quite excited; especially after hearing the results of the last recordings.

Anyhow, Bony Squirrel seems to have taken my cheese and salad sandwich (no mayo and no onion) for a walk, so I'm just going have to plow on with my work until arrival back in the office... Godspeed Bony Squirrel!


McParty said...

Destroy all Mayo!
I never thought you'd ever eat rabbit food (aka salad) maybe that's why this "Boney Squirrel", if that is his/her/heshemaybes real name, stole your sarnie! Consider it a favour done.

Jo said...

You lost me in the first paragraph. Eeeewww!

Matt said...
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