Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I do like women apologising to me

"We will respond by being firm, by being fair and by being faithful to the values of France," ‘Black’ Jacque Chirac

I don’t want to sound like Jeremy Clarkson; but which part of the above statement do you find the most absurd? In light of the recent civil unrest in France and considering it’s he and his Government that are to blame, not to mention his extremely insensitive treatment of the Muslim School Girls it seems a particularly amusing thing for him to say and has made me laugh out loud or (sigh) lol (I hate that) and shake my head like a Daily Express/Mail reader.

Anyhow, I’ve actually been too busy with work to write until now, which in itself is a rarity and although I usually relish a heavier workload, I feel as if I have been working for the Council too damned long, as I seem to be getting lazier. I don’t want to further my disgust with life, so on a positive note; after speaking to my bank today and being politely informed that ALL my correspondence had been forwarded to the Harrogate branch (what about the God damned email!- see last Friday’s entry) all those late fines and the £15 and month interest the bastards take off me seems to have been wisely spent on some customer service training, as Heather – the advisor I spoke to was extremely helpful and apologetic (I do like women apologising to me- though a rarely get the opportunity to experience it) and it appeased me…. greatly, so it’s not all bad after all.

I very much enjoyed the ‘John Peel’s’ record box last night on channel 4, although it seem that every time these posthumous programmes about him appear on our TVs, Elton Bleedin’ John is always there saying the guy was a visionary. If he was Elton darling, I doubt he would have ever helped your career! But I was rather glad to see Mark . E Smith included in the programme and to see him be relatively well behaved. I especially liked Billy Bragg’s comments regarding MES, advising to stay as far away from him as possible.

Digressing slightly; I was once actually asked to drive him (Mark. E. Smith not John Peel alas) from London to his home in Prestwich, Manchester when The Fall and ourselves played in adjoining venues in Islington. I politely declined as I had just been involved in a row with a toothless car park attendant and wasn’t in a particularly charitable mood. Many different people have since told me that I had made a very wise choice. It would have been interesting though and I probably would have ended up ditching him in a Service station on the M6 or more likely the M1 (I doubt I would have made it to the M6). I did think about regaling him this anecdote when we supported The Fall last December but soon thought better of it once we saw him bollock his band during the sound check for not having their amps near enough to the front of the stage – tres frightening!

No rehearsal tonight so I’m gonna’ cook a chicken with Yorkshire Puds, veg and roast spuds. I canna’ wait!

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