Friday, October 28, 2005

kudos Jon, kudos!

The morning after the afternoon before.

I awoke this morning tres sleepy due to a later night than usual and a modicum of insomnia, with the reality that every one at work would have probably read my churlish email already and discussed it heartily prior to my arrival at the office. I would like to pretend that I wasn’t nervous as I dragged my wearily and useless body down Stanley Road with only the upbeat lyrical wisdom of Buck 65 on my CD player to keep my spirits up.

Alas, the first words spoken to me were “good morning Cinders” from Tom- the Project manger and 2nd in command here. This was not a good start, yet I somehow managed not to tell him to F*** off! I just gave him a really angry look- the dead eyes into the back of his head. Tom unfortunately is one of, if the worst offenders when it comes to leaving cups of coffee around the office. Up until now I have neglected to mention this fact to him as a) he is my superior, b) he does work damned hard and is usually first in at 7am and last to go at 6pm and c) I didn’t want to look like a whiney shmuck, which is certainly how I feel today.

Anyhow, aside from this ghastly business getting on my nerves, once again I have split my work trousers whilst disposing of a large quantity of used maps from work (don’t ask!). Please note the word ‘again’ as it is now becoming a far too regular event. By this I didn’t mean I have split this particular pair on more than one occasion, rather I go through an vast amount of kecks. At least when my jeans ware thin in my crotch (sorry for this unpleasantness) they are barely noticeable. I now am going to have to humble myself by either attempting to repair them myself, something which I haven’t exactly been successful at in the past. I could alternatively just wait until I can afford some new ones, which by my current estimations will be 15th November. My mum tried to repair my last ones on one of my visits and I could hardly post them to her…or could I?

Anyway, aside from my threadbare clothing, the new cooker will be christened tonight, wooot! At present it remains unused as Lisa and I enjoyed the hospitality of Sweet Jonny and Eve last night. The best roast chicken meal I think I’ve ever had kudos Jon, kudos! Friday evening awaits me- and I shall as ever, bring you up to speed with the fascinating details of my life.

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