Tuesday, October 04, 2005

John peel Tribute

As you will undoubtedly know already, next week will be the first John Peel day, and in order to pay homage and show appreciation, two of John’s favourite bands of late to hail from Liverpool; Cranebuilders and Ella Guru will be playing a show on the 13th October at Liverpool’s Las Vegas Bar (opposite Lime Street Station) as part of the John Peel Day festivities.

Of course there are events being held across the city/country and all of them would be no doubt fitting in tribute to John’s accomplishments, but should you have made no plans as of yet on what you plan to do to celebrate this event, then why not come along and show your support. There will be a very small door charge –aprox £3 but all proceeds will be going to charity.


Jo said...

Shameless cranebuilders plug ;-)

Matt said...

Shameless!!!? It's for charideee!

McParty said...

I had a plug once! It was rather exciting! Nice Blog Bro!