Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Latex labotomy

So I managed to make the train on time this morning- zoot alores! Another minor triumph for my bad self-granted I got it by the skin of my teeth but never the less I arrived at work on time for the first time in over a week.

A fairly clumsy and obvious point to make I appreciate-but the mornings are getting awful dark now and my general appearance is certainly suffering from getting dressed in the dark.

I woke up in a fairly unpleasant mood (again) my dreams were haunted by the mind numbing-spirit crushing television experience that I endured last night… ‘Age Swap’. I was more disappointed with myself more than anything else. Lisa happily watched it whilst I annoyed her greatly by venting spleen (not literally of course) at this shocking 60 minutes of TV trash- it was alleged by her that I was getting far too aggressive and wound up over it, but in my defence I was merely pointing out the shortcomings of the programme and the reality television genre as a whole.

Anyway, the premise of the show was that Julie Goodyear and Peter Andre were disguised as a 30 something Goth and old priest respectively, and the cameras followed them around conning people with their Ant & Dec style ridiculous latex masks to the viewers’ pleasure. Clearly anyone whom would believe that anyone resembling Hoggle from ‘The Labyrinth’ (see photo) behaving in an absurd manner whilst a TV crew film them sincerely deserves to beaten hard. For chrissake! I could and should have picked up one of the three books I have on the go, or perhaps listened to the radio in the bedroom, yet for some perverse reason I watched all 60 minutes of it! What is happening to me?

Anyway, it has made my stomach churning job a little better to handle knowing that I don’t have to film and or edit these shows or that I am that stupid or desperate enough to believe that Peter Andre in a latex mask is in fact a 80 year old! With the horrors of this still fresh in my mid- I inadvertently tried to rip the face of someone in the train queue this morning believing it to be a Z lister in disguising trying to get a cheap laugh at my expense. Alas, it was actually a elderly gentleman with a cancerous nose and had only just left hospital after a mild stroke. Oh well – best to be safe than sorry…

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