Monday, October 17, 2005

Isn't it a lovely day....

Morning all,

I have decided to put myself in a sunnier disposition for the forthcoming week, and hence forth this menagerie of grumpy and surly comments made in the direction of pretty much anyone I have recently encountered shall be no more! I shall explain further:

Firstly, to kick things off- I made it to work on time this morning. Hozannna in the highest and huzzzuargh! Walking to the station this morning I did feel by blood pressure rises slightly as I came to the point where the usual queue of miserable bodies could first be seen- and would you Adam and Eve it, there was no queue as such.

Secondly, I did have a rather pleasant weekend. Nothing spectacular, but nevertheless I did enjoy myself. Jas and his wife; Red Sonia made a rare appearance from the Historic City of Coventry round at J & E’s house on Saturday night. I also finally acquired a new guitar! More on that later

I’m also chuffed as the Mighty Spurs walloped Everton. As our office is primarily occupied by Evertonians it has made this morning most pleasant.

It’s the Bloc Party tonight- which should be good, though it will be something if it is half as good as the Fall-(ah) gig last week.
On a less optimistic note, I going to London tomorrow and won’t be arriving home until 3am ish on Wednesday then in at work for the usual time. To be honest, I sincerely doubt these positivities can continue. Only time will tell.

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