Friday, October 21, 2005

ode to my bladder

Another day- yet another raging row with one of the sub serviant numbskulls/minions whom are in the employment of Mersyrail.

This time I shall spare you the details, but I would like it noted that it wasn’t me who lost his temper this time; I was as cool as a cucumber. Granted I did loose it afterwards when explaining my tales of woe to Lisa, who automatically assumed I lost my rag and had the sarcasm turned up to max. I protested my innocence too much and an argument ensued whilst I washed the dishes, which only this moment has occurred to me that we do in abundance. Maybe I should wear marigolds? Note to self – stop being a moody twat.

Anyway, it’s been a busy old time of late. Bloc Party on Monday was a nice way to spend a usually drab Monday night. They were okay- not great, but okay. Without wishing to sound like the indie snob I know I can be. Granted, I did spend pretty much spent the duration of the show bustin’ for a slash which impaired my enjoyment somewhat . “why didn’t you just go for a piss then?” I hear you cry- and you’d have a valid point my friend, but suffice to say that after much deliberation I decided that it would be easier to use some Jedi mind trick to convince myself that I didn’t need to go. Obviously I’m no Jedi, hence why I was in extreme discomfort throughout the gig.

It also alarmed me that at 28, I could have possibly been the oldest person there. I’ve now become that bearded grumpy looking guy with his arms folded, sternly holding his pint of Guinness who can be overheard stating that “they’re good- but not as good as The Fall”

Besides the okay gig and the excellent wee immediately preceding it, I was also in the nation’s capital on Tuesday. I can’t really be bothered to go into any details regarding this, but it was good. Some chum’s attended the gig; Mark and Al. Mark, was a friend from Harrogate –then Glasgow and had only recently moved to the big city, and Al was a friend from my Art Foundation and Degree course. The journey back, however, was hellish and I didn’t get back to Liverpool until 4am as it was raining cats and dogs for the journey’s entirety, making life tres difficile. Anyway, this sleep deprivation caused severe grumpiness; hence the lack of patience with aforementioned Mersey rail pedants.

I’m not exactly sure what excitement this weekend will have installed for me, but it is the bi-annual office night out tonight. I’m not exactly looking foreword to it, as conversation usually turns to work within a matter of minutes, but at the very least I reckon if it’s crap, I can make my excuses and be home for 10ish. We’ll see.


Jo said...

It's the first rule of quality gig going. Mark your territory and DO NOT MOVE!

Also, the first rule of the office social event is "get in and get out as soon as you can" I usually last one hour tops.

McParty said...

I'd disagree - first rule is to drink as much free booze as possible - if there isn't free booze. Mine Sweep the bastards! If they catch you blame it on your boss and punch a waitress! Then run like f00k... So yeah... that leads on to the whole - in and out as fast as lightening.

As for gigs... and age... i find Callostomy bags & decoffiters (sp?) save the discomfort! Simpley empty the bags athe end of the gig... or if the bands are piss poor throw them your bags :)