Wednesday, October 12, 2005

lazy Wednesday afternoon

It’s not all work, work, work you know. In fact it’s more like work, arse about, make some tea, get annoyed, go on the internet, do a little more work then piss off home.

Well that’s what it can often be like. At present, I have the motivation of a sloth, and for those who aren’t in the know; this is the laziest creature on God’s green earth I could think of. Although, to appease any pedants out there such as myself, it is purely a metaphoric reference as I’m sure there is a plethora of lazier and more idle animals than the sloth, my point is I am in no frame of mind to be working. My aspirations lie elsewhere.

The shoebox of an office I work in is almost deserted. Fat Karen is on holiday with some losers with whom she idly chats away to via the Internet night and day. I can only imagine what a rag tag bunch of nerds and sad sacks they are. Would a normal person lock themselves away nightly to flirt with some fat star trek fan the other side of the country? Upon meeting for the first time realising that he doesn’t have a six pack and neatly chizzled jaw, rather a comb over and paunch. Overall though, it has made little to no difference to this office’s balance of power as she rarely puts in an appearance in the office, especially since the Council adopted an Non-Smoking policy during working hours. Rather that wait for her lunch break like my other more considerate colleagues – she find any excuse to disappear, pack of Mayfair in hand, only to reappear some 45 minutes later.

Yes, as you can probably tell from my ramblings, she annoys me greatly. I do fully appreciate that most of the time; the human being cannot be arsed to do much work, but since I’ve worked here I have struggled greatly to fully understand what she actually does, and how she can justify ‘working from home’! I also struggle to fathom, how despite her leaving work at 3pm every day she gains enough flexi time to take a day off once a fortnight! There is some cooking of books that would make the current labour administration look like a misdemeanour. I should really doff my cap to her for her blatant abuse of the flexi time system.

Anyhow, it wetter than wet outside, which is the only thing keeping me here still as I haven’t fully dried off from this mornings drenching despite the office being as hot as an oven. When did coats stop being made waterproof? My shower proof jacket that I procured during the V Festival 2004 did nothing to shield off the elements.

Aside from the rudimentaries of the office politics here, life is good. I have reasoned that perhaps it is better to have a job with absolutely no responsibilities except to make sure there is enough paper in the photocopier, and not to have to work weekends is far better than working like an ass. Word to the wise regarding the current television schedule: if you haven’t seen it previously ‘Medium’ was on last night. A great show starring the fab Patricia Arquette. Not as scary as the previous few episode, but endearing enough for me to mention of this humble, and lengthy rant.

Should go really- must pretend to be working as the head honchos have returned to the ranch!



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Matt said...

what? why when? eh?