Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Give me hope Joanna

I had only my second "one to one" in three years with one of the many managers whom grace my hallowed work place.
I lied through what's left of my teeth on my "progress" "ambitions" and on how much work I have to do. I felt no remorse for the blatant porkies I told.

As mentioned yesterday, I went to see Joanna Newsom last night accompanied gracefully by the sublime Northern Symphonia- a 24 piece orchestra. Suffice to say I was humbled and inspired to witness it. The venue, Manchester's Bridgewater hall, certainly played a significant part and aided the experience. During the coda of 'Sawdust & Diamonds' my arms resembled a kiwi fruit, and despite the warmth of the theatre, I could prevent myself from shivering.

Awesome (in the truest sense- not Bill& Ted/Frat boy overkill sense)

I've tried to find some footage of last night's gig, but the best I could come up with was footage of her from the night before in Glasgow, though rather dissapointingly it doesn't show her performing with the orchestra (note- she did comment that she was quite tense the night before and although it was good she was enjoying/enjoyed last night so much more...bless). I tried up in the nose bleed section to record some footage but gave up after a few seconds as I knew it was futile- but have attached it none the less.

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