Friday, January 12, 2007

beeping slag

This footage was discovered on my mobile last whilst I was bored waiting for our flight from Prague last week. It was a pleasant discovery indeed. I don’t remember recording it, but it has proved most insightful about what happened that night and why I felt so rough on Christmas Day. Granted, I’d only had 4 hours cat disturbed sleep on my brother’s living room floor in my beeping slag* (thanks again bro) after a long night of ales (including Oyster Stout) and waking up with a pizza in my pocket etc..

The footage is a little grainy and it is quite hard to make out what’s going on, but it appears Dom’s heavily tattooed ‘girlfriend’ (please note my use of irksomely ironic quotation marks used to highlight the fact he didn’t consider her to be). Anyway, this is footage of her trying to audition as a lap dancer- and as Lisa astutely observed “she’s not very good is she?”. I recall vaguely that she asked us all if we’d want her to perform a lap dance for us- most of us politely decline, however there was one amongst us who was asleep and therefore it seemed an appropriate way to wake him.

Unless something goes tits up next Christmas, I won’t be in Harrogate and will miss the annual ritualistic Christmas piss up and Chico’s Pizza. I shall miss it and is usually the highlight of the whole Christmas weekend. The best ever Christmas Eve involved me being carried out a pub by a bouncer holding my throat, Luke falling down a hill with his hands in his pockets and helping a guy start his car- giving us a lift then realising as he was swerving across the traffic that he was drunk and that the car was stolen. The year before that on Christmas Eve Eve (23rd) I puked on myself in Harrrogate’s reprehensibly bad night club Jimmy’s decided to stay and dance it off (a sure sign that I wasn’t at my best) then, unable to walk –collapsed in a gutter on King’s Road leaving friends incoherent phone messages on their answer phones- all of which were played back to me the next day.
Falling flat on my face but managing not to drop my pizza a few years back with my brother was another highlight.

Anyhoo- every now and then Pitchfork bring us news that is actually of interest rather than some tit bits and gossip about some band I’ve never heard of, and in all probability won’t like- instead they bring news of a new Smog…sorry Bill Callahan record!

There isn’t too many artists/musicians that I wait with genuine anticipation for, but Mr. Callahan is certainly top of that pile. His last outing ‘A River ain’t Too Much too Love’ was easily my favourite record of 2005 and ‘Supper’ was my favourite record of 2003 (see ‘Feather by Feather’ MP3 below) anyway as if this news wasn’t enough to wet ones appetite, SFA front man Gruff Rhys is going to be performing at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall to promote his new LP ‘Candilion’.
Should you never have been lucky enough to have stepped foot in this hallowed venue – it is really special-. We’ve seen, Gorky’s, Yo La Tengo, and Lambchop (including their amazing ‘Sunrise’ performance.

Judging from the other venues on his tour, he; or the people representing him, must be fairly confident of good turn out especially as the other city’s venues are so small we’ve played most of them!

Reasons to be cheerful indeed!

Gruff Rhys- Gwn Mi Wn

Smog - Feather by Feather

*"Beeping Slag" Copyright McParty 2005

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mark w said...

Oh lord... I'd forgotten that as well. Still, beats a 'Stephen Fry talking alarm clock' I suppose! Anyway, I wasn't sleeping, I was resting my eyelids. On, er, Dom's "girlfriend"'s knockers, it looks like. at least i look sheepish rather than wolfish.

'merry xmas' indeed - following the pizza, i was unable to taste anything until about 9pm boxing day. it's a fine and noble tradition. i think my cap got used as a beermat at some point also - i still can't fold it.