Monday, January 22, 2007

Gee thanks gran!

After the entire country was embroiled in the most overblown media panic in recent times (need I mention it?) I was most optimistic that the conversation on the topic would be forgotten. That is not to say the overarching topic of racism and bullying ought to be forgotten, however the trail of Jade Goody and Channel Four ought to be today’s fish n’ chip wrapping. Sadly, I awoke to the exclusive news on Sunday that Miss Goody’s own grandmother has gone on record (no doubt for a princely sum) to sate that her Granddaughter IS a racist and IS a bully (Gee thanks gran!) and awoke to further more excuse making and grovelling this morning.

As a person whom in the past has enjoyed the public executions of BB contestants as they leave the house to a barrage of hate and venom, I found the whole deal quite scary on Friday’s show. Millions watched it all shaking their fists at the telly hoping that the usual sunny Davina McCall would somehow have transmogrified into Jeremy Paxman and give Jade a firm telling off, pointing out her ills-which without actually slapping her across the face she did okay, just leaving Jade with enough rope to hang herself and had Channel 4 persuaded her to model her hair for that night on Adolf Hitler? Conversely, there was a large portion of the public, who believe that it’s political correctness gone mad (the usual signal that someone is infact a bit of a
racist )

Anyway, instead of crawling under a rock to eat humble pie (which she ought to do to in order to give us a ‘effing break from her annoying face) she is now even more of a news story blubbering away on just about every TV station about her harsh upbringing being a young mother etc etc and admissions that she is a bully and she is a racist! I’m probably right in thinking there is some slimy money grabbing agent out there telling her to admit to everything, assuming the public will grant her forgiveness. I sincerely believe this will backfire massively as if she keeps harping on about how hard her life has been, and trying to excuse her way out of it- she’ll end up turning into Ron “I’m not a racist” Atkinson soon. No doubt a TV documentary where Jade visits India will be winging its way over to the TV in the not too distant future
“Oh I ‘fought tha Taj Mahal was a take away hehehehe”.

Above all, for me the worst part of the whole incident is the fact that Jade’s mother Jackiey (sic) repeatedly referred to Shilpa as “The Indian” in the weeks proceeding the media furore, when it was widely reported about the plummeting viewing figures the ‘show’ was receiving. This, for the most part was widely ignored by our sensitive and wizened cultural commentators- though from the snippets I saw, it made me feel extremely ill at ease that no one pulled her up about this.

The worst part is that the Nation, who as you should remember were petrified about Muslim women wearing veils in the months leading up to Christmas in a display of massive racial intolerance, now suddenly turned into moral guardians; are once again glued to trials and tribulations of a collection of irksome fame seekers confined into a house with no stimulation. Kudos to the folks at channel 4 for doubling their viewers so quickly – but the very worst of it is the conversation at work continues to revolve around the bloomin’ program. I arrived at the office in a poor mood after suffering at the hands of the cunts at Merseyrail once again. After I had taken my seat and looked depressingly at my screen saver, I was given some un-requested information regarding the relationship between Teddy Sheringham and “the scouse-one” off of the aforementioned TV program. A colleague reliably informed me that he’d dumped her.

Thanks for letting me know that.

Really though, who cares? What a start to the morning. What a start to the week.

Anyway, as the public get their pitchforks at the ready for another public lynching of the other two racist instigators to leave the BB house (whom have both obviously been made aware of the situation and decided to blame Jade for their actions) sit waiting for the inevitable public vote laughing themselves silly watching Borat, 24 and The Simpsons.

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mark w said...

money grubbing agent = the same one as Davina McCall, Dermot O'thing and someone else to do with Big Brother.

Matt said...

...and Matthew Wright and Russell Brand. In fact I think there is probably just one agent representing ever fucker out there.

Matt said...

...and Matthew Wright and Russell Brand. In fact I think there is probably just one agent representing ever fucker out there.