Friday, June 02, 2006



Okay- it turns out that one of my previous entries has caused some controversy and caused offence to some folks up in Scotland and here in Liverpool. After reading the particular blog in question I did think "oh- that's a bit too much” and I have subsequently taken the offending article down.

The band in question, whilst still not particularly liking their music (a mutual feeling no doubt) where genuinely nice enough guys.

Most of what I said about the night wasn't 100% accurate- I was just trying to get cheap laughs (moi?) from what was a particularly crappy night for me. My ramblings are mine and mine alone- now’t to do with the other guys in the band.

Anyway- humblest apologies all round- I feel seriously and sufficiently guilty- sorry guys.

Steven Pastel's Idiot Brother (Matt)

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96 Tears said...

Couldn't give a hootthat you didn't like the music. It ain't designed for smug, bedsit dwelling wankers with the dress sense of Stephen Pastel's idiot brother.

I can't remember a thing about your band's tunes. What I do remember is that you didn't bring a single audience member... not one person turned up for the 'headliners'.

Re. 'fambly'. Well done on reading a few Steinbeck novels I'm sure your fanbase of none lap that shit right up.

Hope to see you up in Scotland sometime soon when the only thing shagging your face will be the fat end of a guitar. We'll be checking the gig guides.

Seriously can't wait,

96 Tears