Monday, June 12, 2006

Awww, I’ve only seen this film 7 or eight times, yet I see YOU every night

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Well, the weather is over cast and not particularly nice, yet I still feel lousy. Despite my best efforts in convincing myself that it was the hot weather that was making me feel miserable, (see last blog) I now realise that the diagnosis was incorrect unfortunately, as it was most convenient to explain the reasoning’s of my long face to the weather. Moreover, I have enjoyed the benefits of the pleasant weather this weekend and despite my earlier reservations enjoyed a most pleasant BBQ on Saturday night. I am also reluctant to admit that the football, as great as it is to see, has hardly raised my spirits. I’m now more inclined to believe that it is the sight of other people having fun and/or a good time that makes me feel miserable. I mean, I used to be a most perky and cheerful sod in the mornings, almost to the point of being irritatingly so. Lisa on the other hand would arise from a night’s slumber in a most foul and unsavoury manner. Now, as she has adapted to working life and the early mornings and thusly she is a different person in the a.m, yet I have become a irritable and grumpy bastard in the morning. Why the change- could it be the fact that I’m only truly in good form when those around me are miserable?

This theory can also be proven when you take into my account the joy I used to feel on a Monday morning. Arriving at work with a spring in my step and the familiar McPartlan jaunty swagger, I used to love the fact that everyone in the office was in a bad mood and suffering at the hands of the Monday morning Blues. Honestly, I would get such pleasure watching them skulk about and avoid conversation with anyone unless absolutely necessary. Alternatively, on a Friday, I would more often than not find myself in a most unsavoury mood, whist my colleagues looked as happy as Larry knowing they’re soon to be home and enjoying the weekend. Perhaps I just have a problem interacting with other people and the only joy I get is seeing people pissed off? Of course it’s not as simple as this, but there must be something in it. Perhaps I have more issues that I first imagined. Perhaps I am more of a twat than I first imagined.

On the other hand, looking at it objectively; surely there is nothing funnier than seeing someone in a bad mood- and of course there is nothing more depressing that some happy-go- lucky-sunshine and lollipops- ‘cheer up it might never happen’ type of person.

Anyhow, sticking to the positives of the weekend, like I mentioned previously it was good. Friday, I decided to throw caution to the wind and leave early and I was home in plenty of time to watch the World Cup’s opening game. Later that evening, Lisa and I enjoyed a night of food prepared by Eve-e-o, which was bloody great. Saturday I arose feeling crappy again, but my sprits were lifted when I realised that England’s road to glory *cough* *cough* was due to start.

After donning my ’66 style shirt we headed back over to J & E’s and were greeted by Scottish Steve and his daughter Mia. Steve has often proved himself to be a sign of bad luck during England games, as of course he follows what ever team England are playing against. However, this time even his support for Paraguay wasn’t enough to help them, and despite the nervy second half we breathed a heavy sigh of relief.
By this stage I’d already drank about 6 bottle of Grolsh, and it would be fair to say that ‘I was on my way’. After the crowds dispersed Lisa was most insistent to going to the park, however I remained resolute that I would stay in doors. This was bolstered when the Italian Job started straight after the match was over. Luckily a compromise was reached whereupon Lisa and I stayed at their house whilst Lisa sunned herself in the back yard and I monged out in front of the TV. Ahhh, the Simpsons’ line “Awww, I’ve only seen this film 7 or eight times, yet I see YOU every night”.

So after all this excitement Lisa and I went home-got changed washed etc (watched the end of another World Cup match) then toddled along for our first BBQ of the summer round at JK and JK’s (see above photo taken at 11.20pm after all my beer was gone and I was starting to get bored) . Suffice to say it was coolio, though I wasn’t in the best of forms. My usual fear of being in a back yard struck home. A stranger also encroached our inner circle of friends as Kelly invite a friend from work to come along. I didn’t catch her name. I felt as though she would be intimated when facing a room of strangers and feel a bit weird as I tend to do in those situations, however it was hard to shut her up. Nice as she was, she told some excruciatingly long and boring stories, one of which was in essence and argument with a Smack Head, whereupon after a minor fracas she told them “I hope you die in the next year” and she was totally shocked that she’d said such deplorable thing. She then went on to state how a friend of hers is one of those faith/spiritual healer type persons (note: that everyone seems to have one of these friends whom, in certain circles –usually women- are often regarded as highly as a Shaman or village witch doctor, and invariably get in to drunken arguments with someone’s husband/boyfriend about their beliefs and the validity of their *cough * : art, during very boring dinner parties etc- I have encountered these types of fracas on numerous occasions much to my annoyance and displeasure, and usually when I get asked about my beliefs I just tell them what they want to hear as if they had real aura reading abilities they’d know I think they’re all crystal reading crackpots with the physic powers of a telephone) who upon being relayed this dull story told her, that because she said this is the way in which she did then, this poor unsuspecting soul will very probably die now.
It was at this point I started to kick Lisa’s ankles as my little code for “I wanna go home”.

Anyway, once again please find another MP3 for your pleasure. Casio Tome for the Painfully Alone. Another story from the keyboard bard. Frustration is always a song topic I can always relate to.

  • Casio Tone for the Painfully Alone- young Shields
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