Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the hot car factor

Well isn’t it a lovely day….

Yes, once more though I rue the fact that I’m stuck in an office which harbours no natural light, though I’ve been fortunate enough to be sent out on a few errands and felt the hot sun caress my skin. The downside of course, is the hot car factor which is most unpleasant especially when one’s car doesn’t have air con. Oh well, I ought not to complain so readily.

Since I’ve been dragged into the digital age kicking-and-a-screaming’, I’ve wasted my lunch break trawling through a plethora of MP3 blogs and downloaded what hopefully should be something worth listening to. I thought, quite reasonably to myself; that as a homage to this noble form of music sharing that I shall endeavour to have a stab at it myself.

Being the aforementioned sunny day please find a short selection of lazy summer tunes for your pleasure.

  • Buck 65- Dang

  • Goodnight Monsters- 20 Fingers 20 toes

  • Smog- Stranger

  • Pet Politics- The Spring

  • Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci- Spanish Dance Troupe
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