Friday, May 12, 2006

Lady he's putting my kids through college.

There’s nothing quite like the tranquillity of an air condition system in an other wise manic office. Another bastard day at the office is soon to be over as I firmly intend on leaving early today.

It’s been rather uneventful thus far excluding the stress factor everyone her is under (with exception of you know who of course).
Despite it being the 12th May today, I have reluctantly agreed to hold some form of birthday type celebrations. I say reluctantly as whilst doing the washing up two days ago I found myself to be in a most despondent frame of mind. Due to the ever unreliable Liverpudlian Postal Service I was relatively dismayed that I had only received three birthday cards. Sobbing into the fairly liquid foamed washing up bowl, I informed Lisa, who was encouraging me to agree to do something to celebrate my long past birthday, that it was too embarrassing to ask people to come out for my birthday nearly two weeks after the actual day. However, once I had stopped feeling sorry for myself, I decided that it would be cool just to meet up with my chums and go out for a curry. Surely the fact that I was out of the country until last Mon counts in my favour? Thank God I don’t know Larry David eh?

We’ll see how it goes, as I notice that the older both I and my friends get the more subdued the birthday celebrations get. Long gone are the 12 hour benders, night clubs etc, instead we contently settle for either an evening in our abode or a modest night out in the local. Thank God.

I also get to show everyone my box of spunk I brought back from Germany, and queue the double-entendres. (Matt’s Spunk tastes nasty etc).

Anyway, just a short blog entry again, as it takes time to build up one’s stamina for waffling or bullambling (copyright Lisa.T 2006)

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McParty said...

Did you see my carrier pigeon with your card?

Bastard must have died