Friday, March 16, 2007

Holy water indeed.

Giving up booze for lent (along with the lesser abstinences of chocolate, crisps and cheese) has given me the glorious opportunity of using the word pious as often as possible. I’ve even perhaps over used it in recent days, but there isn’t many other opportunities one has to use it in a succinct sentence on a day to day basis.

The ‘d’ word has been used a couple of times though much to my disliking. Firstly it was Tony at work who asked how my diet was doing. I over reacted – rectifying him that I was on a noble and spiritual quest- and that men don’t diet- it’s a “health kick”.
Lisa also has used the word- as I chose to bring some grapes to snack on when we went to the cinema last week. She said enough was enough and I was going to waste away- “you never said you were on a diet” she asked me.
Once again I was quick to correct her. Despite it being a firm non-diet, I’ve managed to shed nearly ¾ of a stone in just over 3 weeks.

Eating grapes at the cinema was a smart move though. The grapes were juicy so I didn’t need a drink, quiet so I didn’t disturb the other patrons and tasty so I didn’t feel the need for popcorn or other generic confectionary. As I told a colleague the other day “this pious shit’s great”.
It would be fair to say that the grapes were probably the most interesting thing about our cinematic outing, as the film; ‘23’ was pretty poor, and I had the weirdest feeling that I’d seen it before.

Despite the pious existence, even going to see the excellent LCD Sound System on Saturday was not in any way hampered by my sobriety. Instead of the customary mass of sweaty and impatient bodies trying to get served at one of their two bars (which I hope to fucking God they rectify in their forthcoming refurbishment), I simply strolled over to the vending machine by the toilets to acquire my tasty Still Harrogate water. Holy water indeed. I think I even managed a crafty chuckle and uttered “suckers” under my breath at the hoards of thirsty punters trying so desperately to be served. St Matthew the Pious 1- Unhappy beer swilling masses 0.

I was also able to enjoy the gig as opposed to having to miss key moments whilst I fought my way through the crowds to relieve myself, only to struggle back, eventually find my friends then realise I need a drink or another piss (alas the latter is becoming a more frequent occurrence).

It was also a pleasing experience to wake up the following morning and actually be able to recall the events of the previous night. By the way the gig was fantastic- and I felt the sweet taste of justification in my choosing this show as opposed to the Fall’s annual shindig which fell on the same night over in Liverpool. Oddly enough the ole LCD Soundsystem kind of reminded me of the Fall in a peculiar way. Perhaps it was the repetitive rhythms and bass lines, or perhaps the way in which the front man James Murphy carried him self on stage, often fiddling with band member’s amplifiers and equipment.

T’was one of the best shows I’d been to in an age, and worth not being able to hear for 48 hours afterwards. A personal highlight was ‘Daft Punk..’ which was played about 15 BPM faster than on the record, and rocked like a mo fo- and rather pleasingly it was played second on the set.

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