Monday, November 06, 2006

Stanple Umbrage

This profession of mine- by which I mean my role as an office administrator is a perilous one. As moment ago I injured my index finger on my right hand (my favourite finger on my second favourite hand) when an unruly stable took umbrage with me from wanting to remove it from a wad of papers. I was forced to take flight and retreat to the kitchen whereupon I dressed my wound with an elastoplast.

I'm think of asking for a pay rise to reflect the dangers to my life I encounter every day; I doubt they'll succumb to my wants.

Once more my mood has fluctuated from contentment with my status as a dog'sbody to sheer resentment and bitterness. I have yet to hear anything from the two jobs I applied for and my hopes that they will invite me for an interview diminishes daily. Cunts,.

So I need something to prevent me from self harming or turning up to work one day and doing something totally outrageous like leaving my dirty cup on my desk when I leave the office or use my telephone for a personal call. With a dwindling music career and an as yet un attempted career as an illustrator, my best hope for escape is my sit com…just need to find the right motivation to do it.Of course, after my old pal Ant's unsuccessful TV project entitled 'Matt McPartlan : who's that twat?' my expectations are low.

On a positive note, how good is a three hour drive on your own in a hire car whilst singing badly along to your favourite songs? A simple pleasure in life. Future birthdays I may just treat myself and hire a big car for the day and just drive and sing,..and snack. Of course listening to Sports radio whilst driving is also a joyous activity and can provide some much needed rest time for ones tired vocal chords- especially when your team beat Chelsea.

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