Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A lack of Weetabix

As I walked bleary eyed on route to the office, a white transit van drove past. Written in the grime and dirt on the back of the van was a disconcerting piece of text which read:

"I wish my g/f was as dirty as this van"

What troubled me was that the fact the cheeky japester who wrote this witty remark chose to use the term "g/f" rather than bother to write 'girlfriend'.

Has it really come to this?

I was already feeling less than enamoured this morning as I got very little sleep last night. I awoke engulfed with a feeling of impending doom which was accelerated when I stumbled into our kitchen to learn that we didn't have enough milk for any cereal and only have white bread. A lack of Wheetabix does strange things to a man.

Also- on a separate matter- I've been listening to the new Califone Record lots at home, but after searching for the 'currently listening to' section I notice that I have alternative artwork from the one attached- what gives?

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