Saturday, November 18, 2006

fiddledeedee - I'm fucked

Disappointment turns to confusion rather too hastily for my liking.

I finally received formal notification that I wasn't worthy enough to be interviewed for the job in the Catholic School I applied for- you know the one which my colleague got.

As I had already decided that I would make pie that evening I was it fairly good spirits.

In a desperate attempt to free myself from the shackles of employment from this darned place, I decided to take typing speed test. Why? Well , despite having a degree, at present I'm not even qualified to do the dog's body job I do- as important piece of criteria for many of the jobs I've raised an eyebrow at- have all dictated that I need to type at 35 WPM. Now as my many ramblings/blogs should demonstrate- I can type pretty fast, but my accuracy is shit and low. After taking this test; low and behold I can type above the required speed but my accuracy was pathetic- a bit like the England football team I suppose. Anyway, I downloaded this darned tutorial and spend a few hours over the next few days training. Progress was slow to start with, but I gathered momentum eventually. Spirits were high. Alas, the tutorial was a freebie- so after learning how to type the keys asdf, jkle; &I the tutorial stops! So unless I want to write words like fiddledeedee and false it is of no use having this knowledge. Yet another best laid plan goes to waste.

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