Monday, October 30, 2006


Probably for the best, but I pulled out of doing Hitler at the weekend- by which I mean dressing as him for a recent Halloween party of course. I also pulled out of doing a priest- but that's another story.

On a sad note, I watched the final ever episode of Arrested Development last night. The Season Finale included many obvious and subtle messages about saving the series (S.O.B – Save out Bluths) and was reportedly culled mid season, hence the odd self referential ending.

Once more we see the cut throat world of American TV killing one of its finest ever creations due to ratings, or lack of.

It was sad to watch- especially the lack of G.O.B's bad ass -black (though accidentally bleached white) puppet Franklin.

I've got the last three episodes of Curb… to watch this week too. A sad week indeed

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