Friday, October 27, 2006

Rockin' it with the kids

More often than not, I stop and wonder how i got myself into this career vortex that I am currently drowning in. (After much discussion I am aware you can't technically drown in a vortex- thanks Gareth)
Today, more than most days I am constantly questioning the very nature of my administrative role within this department and with it, the nature of my being.

If it wasn't for the effects of a few too many Guinness's last night's pub quiz, I'm quite sure that I would be more despondent.
Sadly, today ranks pretty darn high on my list of crappy days. I have been 'working' on a spreadsheet for several weeks and today, I'm double checking it- cross referencing it with another database. It goes without saying that it is dull, dreary and boring.

Aside from the sheer unhappiness my working life brings me, my social life has never been so good.
I've already seen Lambchop last Tuesday and tonight I'm off to see The Young Knives. No doubt there shall be a stark contrast between these two acts, most notably - the audience...for today I shall be rockin' it with the kids!
I have promised myself that I won't be stood at the back with a look of disinterest thinking to myself "you know what? They're nowhere near as good as The Fall" which is what happens quite often at gigs. Boy o' boy I love The Fall.

Anyway, on Saturday i shall be attending a Halloween Party, which sadly requires some form of fancy dress. Obviously being a grouchy s-o-b, fancy dress isn't really my thing, but in keeping with the spirit of the times, I shall be wearing some form of "costume". When the idea was first put to me, I immediately thought that I could go as a priest. After all, it wouldn't exactly be a hard task- chose one of my many black shirts and stick a bit of white card under the collar, and Bob's your uncle. Sadly, have divulged this information to some of my chums, and each on of their reactions has been less than enthusiastic.
"What's scary about a Priest?"

Firstly, this responses shows a lack of knowledge a) of the catholic men of the cloth and b) the history of horror films.
Lisa in a optimistic bid to try and encourage a suitably scary look purchased me a large green monster glove fro the Pound Shop. I tried to be polite when she gave it to me, but the crappyness of it made this extremely difficult. I politely suggested that not too many Priests have large green oversized hands, and that if they did then surely they would have two.

Since the response has been poor to my proposed disguise, I have been forced to think of a suitable alternative which I very much doubt I have the moxy to wear. Again, it's not going to be difficult for me to get the necessary regalia in order to pull off this transformation, it is more of a moral question, after all, with the exception of some hell raising Royals, who turns up to a small house party dressed as Hitler? This would require a shave for starters. I could go as an Administrator, as after all my job/career is pretty terrifying when you think about it- but clever costumes never impress.

I wonder if I could go as Heather McCartney....

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