Monday, February 27, 2006

captain of my industry

Today i am the captain of my industry. I am a umpa lumpa with a beard. My hump is (at present) being busted. I am of worth to the Council at long stock is on the rise once again. Huzzzar!

For the first time in an age, I'm actually busy, or busy with worth while work at least, my brain is whirring and I can feel the long since missed chest pains of stress and hard work (oh how I've missed them). It feels tres good and couldn't come up at a better time for me, with a job application form winging its way out to me.-the one stop shop here I come! I want to be able to say in my interview that I enjoy hard graft and I can meet a challenge (just as long as the challenge isn't photocopying endless reams of paper or endlessly answering the phone).
Spring is in the air and optimism is embracing me in a close and tight clinch.

I always mention this on a Monday- but I like Mondays. Sunny Mondays are better.

Maybe this is partially due to the sad death of Murray the Brain Tumor?
Maybe it’s my old shirt that I’m wearing- a throw back to the tough days at the Abbey National?
I don't quite know.

Anyhow, keeping it short- a sort of subdued 50th Blog entry celebration- plus I'm busy!!!.

Life is good!

Still no joy with getting my pictures back up though.

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