Thursday, February 16, 2006

brain tumor

I've been blighted with a headache since Sunday.
It hurts and I'm now contemplating how my life will change if, as I suspect, I have an inopperable brain tumor.
This needs further thought, but it makes my head turn more.
When you're feeling low, and your headhurts and you find yourself grumpier than ususal, there is nothing better than a trip to the Manchester Evening news Arena.
Kanye West I have high hopes for you sir.
On a more cheerful note, today is the anniversay of Fidel Castro becoming the Premier of Cuba...woot!
Anyway, despite my usual willingness to waffle on at alarminly exssesive lengths, I'm keeping it short today. I've got work to do today.Fat Karen is on training, although she did her ususal "I'm off to Sayers" at 8.45 am to get a slice of toast for her and Tom (kiss arse) and doesn't come back to the office until well after 9.10am stinking of smoke.
Happily though she isn't makling the toast here although we have a toaster and fridge etc. You wouldn't beleive the mess she used to make every moring when she used to cook it here, and who'd end up cleaning up after her-yes muggins here.
Sean's in fine fettle though- he must have finally worked out how to access the porn channels last night.
Anyway, hopefully I'll live through the night to bring you up to speed on tonight's events tomorrow.
Untill then, take care of yourself and each other....

Also I'm working on getting my pictures back up- I don't know why and where they went but I AM AWARE OF THIS- SO STOP SENDING ME EMAILS ABOUT IT!!!!

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