Saturday, June 30, 2007


I had my staples removed yesterday, and for the most part it was without incident with the notable exception of the large woman who looked like Baron Silas Greenback from Dangermouse who took it upon herself to sit next to me in the waiting room and insist on talking to me and minor curiosity that my taxi driver had a blue biro in his right hand whilst he drove.

I’d clocked Greenback the moment she waddled in to the medical centre. She had the deepest voice I’ve ever heard in a woman, so much so when I heard her speak I assumed her to be a fellow member of the male gender until she gave her name to the receptionist. She squashed into the chair next to me with her fat rolling over from her seat and actually touching me. She also had especially poor body odour. I did my best not to look directly at her whilst I answered her intrusive questions until my name was called.

15 of the 18 staples were removed from my knee without any real discomfort, but 3 hurt like a bitch and bled a little. I was glad that I’d pre-warned the nurses that I was a big coward with no tolerance to pain whatsoever. They were very kind and told me I was “very brave”. This made me feel like I was 7, rather than a (currently) heavily bearded 30 year old, but I kinda liked regressing. I’m not entirely sure when I become such a wimp- but my own cowardice and squeemishness often takes me by surprise.

MP3 Toongae:

Neal Casal – Tonight I’m going to Bleed

Super Furry Animals - Short Painkiller

Pavement- Sensitive Euro Man

Stevie Wonder- Ordinary pain

Phat Kat- Nasty Aint It

Kings Of Leon- McFearless

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