Monday, June 11, 2007

here we go again....

After the recent Big Brother race problem- in which they were dead on in kicking her out of course- the resulting furore has caused a tidal wave of poor responses from our good ole British public. Nothing irks me quite as much as white folks trying to justify using the 'n' word by saying "they" use it all the time...or "its in hip hop lyrics" etc. I picked up the Metro-the free paper- on the train this morning and this was the opinion of three fuckwits who decided that their opinion on race and racism is so important that they felt the need to write to the paper to express their views and some dim schmuck in the paper's office snorting loudly in agreement. (I do appreciate the hypocrisy in that statement) The emphasis of these letter's was that it was people in the black community who are to blame- which is the biggest pile of tosh I've ever heard. Not only that but some fool actually wrote in to say something along the lines of how come no one has pulled up the Housemates on there bad language which is just as bad!! I think not madam, I think not….

Thus far no one (that I've heard at least) has brought into question the role of white writers/directors etc who use the word frequently and somewhat unnecessarily in their work such as Quentin Tarrentino (does the sign say 'Dead N***** storage' to you?) , Kevin Smith (Porch monkey's -we're taking it back) or even Simon Pegg (whazzup n******?). Now that the taboo seems to have been lifted and it’s seen as okay to use the word are you surprised that someone with no brain cells comes out with this sort of clanger? Surly recent events; notably Ron-I'm not A Racist-Atkinson, Michael I'm not funny anymore and I'm not a racist either- Richards ought to have put his issue to bed- I thought it was quite simple-just don’t use the word!!!

I mean; how stupid do you have to be to say that word on a TV programme that picks up ever utterance and whisper and with whom had been embroiled in a race storm previously. What is worrying is a) her justification and subsequent statements saying she didn't cause any offence-when it was quite clear she had b) a large number of the good ole' flag flying, Sun reading, overweight, Findus' Crispy pancake eating, England shirt wearing fuckers making up a portion of the British public people not seeing any harm in using the word and most importantly c) how that word could just slip out?! One of my all time favourite songs uses the 'N' word some thirty plus times-but I've never felt the inclination to use that word in any other way except for waving my hands in the air and hollering the badass lyrics to all and sundry (MP3 below).

Alarmingly, it has caused us to watch the damned show after I pleaded with my missus for us to forgo the programme this year and up until then we'd been successful!

I'd been thinking about this clip before this recent fiasco-as it's one of my favourite Family guy moments- with a nod to Curb Your Enthusiasm, which may I add is about the only damned clip not on effing Youtube!

Brian: It’s like that time you faked being racist to get out of Jury duty …
(Cut to Peter sitting on a Jury of which half are black and half are white)

Peter: There sure is a lotta’ Honkeys here today…

Wu Tang Clan - Shame on a Nigga

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