Tuesday, June 19, 2007

'clear liquids'

Well I’m off to hospital today for my knee operation. I could be out by later today or I could very well be in there for a couple of nights. I'm not allowed to eat and can only drink 'clear liquids' i.e. black and or green tea.
I'm rather hungry too.

I’m going to be off work now for a few weeks- so expect frequent blog entries unless I become so self absorbed in watching daytime TV and sit waiting for a message on Facebook- which I am thoroughly bored with already I’m hasten to add.

Sadly, due to a thoroughly bizarre two weeks, I’ve not been posting any blogs. Rest assured I’ve been writing them (well amalgamated into one lengthy one) and no doubt this tale of self-indulgent woe , disaster and cowardice will be on this hallowed pages soon…unless of course I die during the operation…oh shit…I could die I suppose?...great!!

Okay- if I do- then will someone please tell Lisa that I still (despite her not believing me) that I want ‘The Monster Mash’ to be played at my funeral!

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