Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pious Matt is dead

Pious Matt is dead. Long live Matt the slovenly bafoon.Since my last bloggage, the blessed feast of Easter came and went. I attended mass and got into an argument with a member of staff at Subway beforehand. One's soul can't be cleaned on an empty stomach.
To celebrate the end of Lent I went on a bit of a bender down the ole Lark Lane. It was like getting the nod from Jesus himself to go out and get rendered, and like the pious God fearing fellow I am, I duly obliged.

My first pint (Pictured above) was, alas, a massive anti climax. I'm not ashamed to admit for a moment I thought my taste for alcohol had deserted me. Thankfully, by drink number 3 it was back baby, it was back!

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