Tuesday, February 27, 2007

an Orangutang in error

Today at work the conversation of Chester Zoo arose. I'm not entirelysure as to what prompted this inane banter but as one of my colleaguesis having her wedding reception at said zoo I can only assume it was related to this topic. Tony, on a roll and as he would succinctly put it: "got his late tackle in early" and suggested the idea that Sally marries an Orangutang in error. He said at least she wouldn't have to worry about male pattern baldness. He wasn't ashamed about laughing over zealously at his own 'joke'. I just shook my head, partly in disbelief, partly out of obligation.

He asked for the name of the Orangutang in the Clint Eastwood films. Myonly input to this mid morning chat was to inform him this ape was called Clyde. For the next ten minutes Tony couldn't get passed this notion, asking everyone in the room "can you image if Sally married Clive from 'Any Which Way but Lose?' I didn't correct him.

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