Monday, February 12, 2007

A drunken blogger's lament

Aside from the obvious problem that I’m now having to fill my day working, the problem with not having access to this ‘ere blog during “office hours” is that I’m now forced to write it in the confines of my humble abode. This sadly means I am now prone to drunken posting, and as the last post demonstrates this does not make for the greatest posts. It came as a great dissapointment for me to read it back the following day, slightly hungover and really realise that it wasn't quite the comic prose that I had thought. Rather non sensical guff. Alarmingly there doesn't appear to my ususal abbundance of grammatical and spelling fuck ups.

I headed homeward, well to my mum’s new home town of Scarborough, this past weekend and aside from the obvious enjoyment of seeing her and my brother who arrived early morning with a half defrosted slab of beef; I was reacquainted with the pleasure of a long train journey enabling me to sit and read my book (Michael Azzard’s ‘Our Band Could Be Your Life’), listen to some music and enjoying a late morning beer. If it wasn’t for the other passengers, it is in an ideal world, exactly how I would like to spend my time. Oddly enough there was no comic bad luck or disasters and this appears to have lulled me into a false sense of security as due to train difficulties both on route to work, and on my journey home resulted in my calling an innocent ticket seller a “lazy cunt” and kicking a wheelie bin. Naturally I feel fairly ashamed of myself, but due to the water being cut off today in the office I was dying to have a shit, and this made me more susceptible to being a mardy twat. I was literally full of shit

In other news: life is good! I heard the forthcoming Fall single at it genuinely sounds amazing, sadly I've already booked tickets to see LCD Soundsystem on the same day Mr. Smith and Co. arrive in town. This will be the first time in four years that I've missed his show, and as they've got better everytime I've seen the, I can only assume they will be excellent.

Off to see Plan B tomorrow and I'm not sure why agreed to go as I came to the conclusion rather quickly that I dislike his music rather intensely. Kila Kella is the support so hopefully this should make up for it. Also Micha. P. Hindson is playing a small art gallery on Thurs- just hope someone I know is willing to tag along. I've met him on a few chance encounters and finally got to see him play at SXSW 2005, so here's hoping.!

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