Monday, December 11, 2006

Don't call it a comeback!


It’s damned good to be back I tells ye!

Normal service will resume soon, though at present I’m happy to inform you that I’ve never been busier at work. I’ve resembled a ‘proper’ worker of late so the opportunity of devoting my efforts into this blog is hampered somewhat.

Anyway- today is “Hooray My Mother’s Alive” day- as it was 11th December that the Intensive Care Unit Doctor told me and my family that my mum was going to die. Happily/thankfully/luckily/greatfully she didn’t as is doing well when I spoke to her last night.

Anyway- I have raised a glass in her honour- or rather I’ve raised my mug of tea.
A couple of Arrested Development quotes to re-affirm my smiley face:

Tobias Funke - Hey Fizellas


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