Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It seems I have underestimated the stupidity of my colleagues

Its that time of the year when the obligatory Records of the Year appear in the press and web alike. Despite the obvious pretensions in composing such list, and the fact that unless you have heard every record that has been released this year you can’t truly comment on what the best records are., though I do enjoy reading other people’s reviews/inputs- especially stateside where I feel they are more in tune with music over style image.

In theory those ‘friend’s’ of mine at the NME should have had access to most of this year’s releases, but instead chose to list the most horribly predictable list of records as I read to my disgust via the excellent music blog Stereo Gum. This just goes to show that a) the folks writing the pish they call music journalism don’t know shit from shinola and b) that they obviously don’t listen to enough records. I know the NME has tried to change to find a place for itself in today’s market but with more independent press/blogs/websites out there- the NME is as redundant as a walkman.

I’ve got a hunch that if you were to compile a list of ALL the reviews done this year by the NME and only included those which received a 8+ rating the list would be much different. If I had the energy I would love to check their review of all the albums on their list and see what the NME originally thought of it.
It brings to mind the day when I really realised what a pile of bilge the NME is, when they rated Stereolab album as a 3, yet three pages later they had it as their office favourite record of the week!?

Anyway, on to more important issues- tomorrow is the office Christmas night out…great. This year for reasons unknown, our boss thought it would be a great idea to invite everyone’s better halves. Naturally I assumed that no one would even contemplate bringing their beloved, however it seems I have underestimated the stupidity of my colleagues. Out of the team there is only one singleton and besides him, everyone except two of us, are bringing their wife/partner/husband etc. I can’t tell you how much I am not looking forward to it. As ever, I’m sure it will be better that I expect but its going to be weird though, especially as we’re not meeting until 8ish. I know full well the moment I get home- I’ll be sat on the sofa convincing myself not to go- alas I’m going to have to attend as I have already paid and exorbitant £35 for it! It sounds a lot doesn’t it? This is because “entertainment” is to be provided- a Soul band and a Crooner. God only knows how poor this will be. Perhaps I should endeavour to start my Christmas shopping?

Anyhoo- A spot of good news:,,1970850,00.html

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