Sunday, May 20, 2007

Start spreading the news....da da dada da da

NYC tomorrow baby yeah!
I can’t wait. I’ve been practising my cut glass English accent to charm them’s Americanos and sound like Rex Harrison playing Jay Gatsby. “What an absolutely splendid resposte old sport”- just need to find a monicle.

Nerves are jangling slightly, but I think we’ve actually got everything ready now. As I write this I can hear Lisa in one of her many diversionary tactics scrubbing the oven to avoid the 4 hour ordeal of her packing. Always a highly stressful occasion.

We’re both feeling sadness too, as my favourite jumping shrunk in the wash yesterday.
“Have you checked the label Matt?” She asked beforehand.
“Yeah….mumble mumble” I lied.

That’s the forth favourite jumper of mine in the past 4 years to have caused genuine upset. The honour roll goes as thus:

My thick black jumper I left by the stage door of the London Garage Venue when we supported Cinerama. I left it in a pile by the door whilst I was moving our equipment out of the venue, and when I returned it was missing, but strangely my coat and bag –which both had beer bottles in (nicked from Dave Gedge’s rider) wasn’t touched. I didn’t feel too bad as a) it was the last night of a tiring three week tour and b) no doubt some homeless chap enjoyed the warmth it provided. It was a few days later when the pain of its loss hit me.

My famous, and all time favourite brown jumper with the suede patches on the elbows. Sound awful doesn’t it, but I loved it greatly. I lost it one night in Jimmy’s Nightclub in Harrogate one Christmas a few years back. I had it round my waist and the beginning of the night, when I was walking home with pizza in hand I realised it had gone. I phoned the cunts at Jimmy’s and they weren’t interested.
My mum gave me £20 to go and buy a new one as I was skint an cold. It’s replacement was a stripy jumper I didn’t really care for.

My new tope coloured thin jumper that shrank and bobbled hideously after only one wear and one wash last January.

The dark brown V-Necked jumper that shrank last night. Lisa said “Awww- I loved that jumper, it really suited you” only makes me feel worse.

Anyhow, holiday tomorrow.

NYC themed toonage:

They Might Be Giants- New York City


Kojak said...

I seem to recall you snaffling one of my sweaters. Dark blue with a solitary stripe, I recall.

Matt said...

I don't recall said sweater