Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Onions"- The Gist List

Start wearing Purple….

So it was the Leeds Festival last weekend, and boy does my liver know it.
I’ll get to the knitty gritty of what went on there later this week (when I can be arsed)- trust me there was SO incidents of disaster (like forgetting our tent). and comical/farcical conversations (Salad Cream/Sour Cream) But firstly I’d like to draw attention to the many good musical moments and have compiled a sequence of lists so that should you have been unfortunate not to attend – or just didn’t fancy it- then you may get the gist- hence the following ‘Gist List’.

Today’s Gist list:

Top 5 finest Cover Versions Performed:

1. The Raconteurs – I Like The Christian Life (Louvin’ Bros cover)
When they started this song I got overly excited and sang along to the lyrics at the top of may voice, only stopping to note that none else knew the song- which kinda’ made me feel ill at ease- but I just shrugged my shoulders and continued to wail “Whist others take pleasure in things I despise/I like the Christian Life…”

2. Semi- Finalists – I Want to Dance with somebody (Whitney cover)
Great set from this band- really good! I knew nothing about them, but given the choice of who else was playing we headed over to investigate them. They finished on this song- best band there who I didn’t know.

3. Pearl Jam- Rockin’ In the Free World (Neil Young Cover)
Loved it! Their finale- I had that Neil young style da-da-da-da-da-da dang- dang! Riff in my head for the rest of the weekend

4. Giant Drag – Wicked Games (Chris Issak cover)
I didn’t actually see them perform this as such. I was waiting near the Radio One stage for Lisa who was off to brave the toilets when this songs started- the singer’s sugary voice lifting its way over the masses to caress my ears.

5. Dresden Dolls – I predict a Riot (Kiaser Cheifs cover)
We walked past the stage thinking that it was a recording of KC’s playing in reading- then noticed the singer was in drag-which after several moments of confusion I realised wasn’t the KC’s annoying tubby singer it was Dresden Dolls- considering that there’s only two members in this band it sounded remarkably similar to the original.

Another list sometime tomorrow perhaps?

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