Friday, August 11, 2006

Bad Girls & Fax Machines

Okay- I owe the Office’s Fax machine an apology. Yesterday in a fit of Office rage I punched this innocent piece of office hardware hard in the centre of its keys whilst informing it to “F*** OFF!”. Not only have I let myself down, but I let the whole office and dog’s bodies across the land down.

There had been many petty and annoying incidents that culminated in my act of unprovoked aggression, all of which are ar too churlish and petty, even for THIS blog! Suffice to say that once more the fax machine and I were ad odds with each other. Aside from this issue- yesterday was a good day, although I did miss a good fifteen minutes of Bad Girls. I took it on the chin knowing that the reason I missed the finest programme every conceived was due to the hard work and endeavours of the band- yet another fine rehearsal. I don’t tend to write about the band too much her, often because I’m aware that several of the fellow band members occasional peruse these hallowed pages, and thusly I’m unable to slag them off. So instead just let it be known that the anger and vitriol I displayed towards my superior- The Office Fax machine had subsided somewhat after last night’s rehearsal.

I’ll leave you with a news flash regarding the recent Terrorism difficulties:

Until further notice BA has halted all flights from the UK.

BA announced: "I ain't getting on no plane you crazy fool!"


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you doofus