Friday, September 15, 2006

Spin Clarissa

Finally- after ordering the same sandwich for the past two and a half years (cheese salad, brown roll, no onion, mayo) the quasi friendly staff at the nearby sandwich shop finally acknowledged my existence and remembered my order. I felt proud and ashamed in equal measure- I was "proamed" you may say. My happiness was short lived as the sandwich they made for me was of poor quality. I may take my business elsewhere in the future.

I also, with it being pay day, I purchased a packet of Ready Slated Crisps and in error I opened the packet upside down. Some may say this is bad luck-not I though, not I…

Whilst on my designated luncheon break, I tended to my elastic band ball, which to my dismay is getting depressingly smaller. Having cherished and nurtured this ball of surplus rubber bands for several years, through cold and dark winters and warm unpleasant summers, I feel a great affinity with her. After all it was a childhood dream of mine to be a rubber band ball owner.

I called it Clarissa.

Tony's step-son who worked in our office on a week's work experience earlier in the year, looked thoroughly bored and disinterested throughout his placement, the only moment I saw him animated was when he clapped his eyes upon my beautiful creation during a moment of relaxation in the office during which I proceeded to spin Clarissa in manner which caused it to return to me once it had hit the floor.

"How long did it take you to do that" he asked.

"2 and a bit years me'lad…man and boy" I said.

He asked to have a go. I declined and put her back in my drawer.

Now she withers and is a shadow of her former self.

Gorging myself on the upside down ready salted crisps and an over familiar cheese and salad sandwich of poor quality did little to lift my spirit

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