Monday, September 25, 2006

Old Puma Shoe Box

Despite my usual shortcomings as a lazy sod, I disposed of 8 years worth of bank statements and pay slips on Sunday. I decided upon using my strength and tearing the aforementioned articles rather than using Lisa's lousy paper shredder. This proved to be a most prudent decision on my part, though Lisa reacted in a most sensitive manner when she asked why I was doing it manually and my response was to refer to the shedder as "shite". I often wonder if she loves that shredder more than me.

We now have an old Puma shoe box going spare. Fool hardy plans on a grandiose scale of putting this shoe box to good and practical use kept me awake half the night resulting in my weary appearance today. Thankfully, after establishing myself in the office as looking weary at the best of times, my unkempt appearance has remained undetected to my fellow office dwellers.

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