Tuesday, July 11, 2006

pound signs in my eyes

Okay once more I am at the peril less mercy of the demon known as boredom. Today I have had sod all to do. I have now given up the charade of pretending to look busy. After all what’s the point- at least if I look as utterly bored as I am then surely someone will perhaps ask me to do something.

Unfortunately the only tasks I do get set are scanning, photocopying and perhaps if I’m lucky some typing. Time is dragging painfully slow.

Yesterday though, despite the boredom I was on one heck of a high.

Lisa called me last Friday to inform me that she had found a £10 note in a shirt pocket of mine. Hozzanaah in the Highest I’m rich- I exclaimed. With my newly found wealth I joined in with our office’s World Cup Final score predictions. Having previously abstained form such frivolous expenditure of my diminished capital, I entered knowing that I could be looking at a nice little earner should I guess correctly. Lady Luck was indeed casting her gaze upon me and I correctly predicted that it would be 1-1 and Italy would win on penalties.

Cue the ‘Party’ music…

Yesterday I drove into work with pound signs in my eyes and a maniacal grin. I claimed my £6 prize money first thing in the morning and promised myself that I would send my cash in the most exorbitant manner I could think…a sandwich from Tamarillos! Yes for the dizzy price of £2 I had myself a cheeses and salad sandwich…and it didn’t stop there. Further to my newly found wealth I acquired a packet of 25p crisps and a Twirl bar…in addition I also acquired the day’s milk, and did exactly the same again today! I explained my good fortune to Lisa, who after all was the one whom discovered my hidden cash, and found the greatest way to describe my feelings was to compare it to the pivotal moment when Charlie discovers a coin and gorges himself on chocolate in the incorrectly named film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971). Lisa found this funny but ultimately quite sad. I agreed.

This afternoon I received an e-mail from Murray – my ex-brain tumour asking how I was. I explained my good/bad fortune of late and his reply was genuinely sympathetic. He asked if I was in need of his services again and I thanked him but let him know about Kelvin my tumour apprentice. Murray didn’t reply and I think I may have hurt his feelings.

Far be it from me champion chronic headaches but Kelvin is a gentler type of headache than Murray was and although I still feel like I want to go home, close the curtains and have a relaxing snooze for and hour or so, I feel that Kelvin can be bested by taking paracetamol. I made the decision not to take any though as I wouldn’t want to crush Kelvin’s spirits….not before I go on Holiday next week.

Anyhow- once more please find below tunes de jour.

Cumberland Gap- Lonnie Donnigen

Green Grass of Tunnel.- Mủm

Tenderfoot.- Smudge

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